Accessing Network drive FROM Rockstor

I see many post about access Rockstor shares FROM other machines, but I don’t see any on how to have my Rockstor machine access any computers (a second NAS) on the network.
What am I missing?
Thanks in advance!

Hey @RJIdaho,

I’m assuming you want to mount NFS shares from that other NAS.

Here’s how to mount NFS shares with CentOS:

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Thanks, I was able to use that info to ‘mount’ the folder I need and I can access through cli, but how do I make it of use in Rockstor. For example, I don’t understand how to get emby server configured to use it.

Hi @RJIdaho,

That’s something that would require a bit of a workaround since Rockstor only supports shares carved out of storage pools.

You’d need to create a symlink to your mount point within a share that’s presented to the Emby Server Rock-On.

For example, the share I have setup as /media for Emby is my DATA (/mnt2/DATA) share. That share is local, but I have a symlink within that DATA share that points to another mount point.

To create that symlink I ran:

ln -s /source_dir/ /mnt2/DATA

This allowed Emby and any other Rock-Ons that I exposed my DATA share to, to be able to see what’s in that other location.

Then in Emby, you’ll need to create media libraries and tell those media libraries where your media is.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the answer. Now I will try to understand it…
I create the simlink using the cli; do I have to do that after every reboot or is it ‘permanent’?

Hi @RJIdaho,

symlinks are permanent