ACLs on shares request

I think that ACLs access rights are more powerfull than standart POSIX permissions.
It would grade if you realize it as in the Openmediavault project.

Thanks for the feature request @g2_ufo! I’ve created a github issue to keep track of it.

@g2_ufo I agree with you that the posix permissions model is not flexible enough.
I have commented on the ticket how one can use extended ACLs on rockstor even now by using command line commands.
Hopefully one day the permissions management GUI in rockstor can be used to set extended ACLs.

Hi @dilli,
pls check updates on

Django migration had all of us to fix some Rockstor parts so new features / features enhancements got a minor priority, probably next 3.8.17 cycle will let us come back to these :slight_smile:

@Flyer thanks for the update!
It is great to know that this feature is planned/worked on :slight_smile:

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