Activation code

It is harder to make a contribution than to install Rockstor! OK, I’m sold on Rockstor and want to help out.
I followed the (convoluted) instructions to " Activate Stable updates" and paid through “”. However, I haven’t received an activation code.
How long should that take?

@bhp, sorry for the delay. The automation integration between the opencollective and Rockstor’s appman is not in place yet. So, I believe @phillxnet will take care of that for you shortly (might be over night, depending on your timezone).

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There’s no rush. I just wanted to make sure you got the contribution.
Keep up the great work.

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@bhp Hello again and thanks for the support.

Yes, I know!! We have had to pivot from our prior neat arrangement of taking payment at the shop and it, via Appman, doing the Activation code issue; to taking membership payment at our new shiny Open Collective, but still requiring the shop to do the Activation code issuance.

It’s for sure a messy arrangement and in-time, as @Hooverdan stated, we will program Appman to be aware of the new Open Collective page and issue activation codes according to membership there.

But alas that’s yet more programming and we are a little cramped on that front resource wise especially given the pending Stable release. I’m actually working now on making the current procedure a little clearer via the Web-UI and this issue:

But we are also changing the legs we are running on here so all a bit tricky currently. But worth it give our new open finances arrangement.

Yes, this will require the shop step (no additional payment mind):

After the shop ‘order’ has been made around 3 minutes should do it.

Thanks, I was a little nervous about his rather large move in our ‘mechanisms’ but it’s a super important move as we are now non-business in nature which frees us up a load to do what the core team care more about.

Cheers. In fact this information is now public, given our open financials. If it show up in the above “The Rockstor Project” Open Collective page then the payment has been received. All out of our own hands as it were on that front. They handle the payments both in and out.

I did notice a BHP contribution (with no counterpart activation code) but we have many folks who already have Stable Updates enabled and are be up for supporting us given our just over a year long hiatus on the ‘shop’ as we settled our non-profit new status as it were.

So hopefully, for the next release, these disparate steps of having to both

  • contribute (via TRP OC) and then,
  • ‘order’ via the ‘shop’ the activation code

should be clearer within the Web-UI itself.

The Stable Updates members at TRP OC does have a quick break-down but yes, slightly crazy currently and the shop also has a notice apologising for this run-around. We will get back to a neat quick and simple arrangement but we have yet to work out how to interface with the Open Collectives systems on an API level, or in fact find out if this is even possible, and if not then we need to contribute upstream or re-work our activation code issuance mechanism.

If you have further issues re the activation code then just PM me here on the forum where we can use the specific details to resolve that-ever may have gone sideways. But we have already had successful activation code issuance in the last few days. Post our year+ long fiscal hiatus!!

Hope that helps and thanks again for helping to support “The Rockstor Project” (TRP) via our Open Collective (OC). Maybe we should be use TRP-OC for this reference :slight_smile: .