Active directory integration

Guys i have question.

I have Windows AD and windows clients, all those clients use the domain accounts to log in.

recently i start to investigate about freenas and rockstar , i am testing both of them in my virtual environment before i actually test it in real.

My questions are :

  1. If windows clients need to access the NAS, then should i enable LDAP or Active directory service ? or both of them ?

  2. Is there anything i should install to rockstar such as Winbind or SAMBA ?

This is what i did so far

  1. I created the A record under the domain and point that to the rockstar server ip

  2. i open the rockstar server via win client and log in to the web page, then select the AD settings from the services option

  3. After fill i tried to click click on to save the settings and after few seconds it refresh the page but it does not enable the active directory settings.

any help, advice ?