Add AD users to SAMBA share

I have installed my RockStor server and successfully joined it to my domain, I have restarted since adding it to the domain and it is listed in active directory users and computers.

Now I am trying to figure out how to add AD users or groups to my SAMBA share.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi Erik @ebjers and welcome to Rockstor Community!

I think this page can help you Rockstor Documentation - Shares :

One you’ve joined your AD, under “Shares” click on share name you want to edit, open “Access Control” tab and then Edit again to change share owner and group (one of mine for example has root as owner DOMAIN\Domain Users as group)

Let us know if you need any further info/help :slight_smile:


OK I see the access control but I am not able to enter any users except what is on the list (only the users within the actual system).

There is no option to type in a username or domain.

Hi @ebjers, here is my suggestion:

from a shell console (already accessible via Rockstor WebUI on testing branch) type getent passwd and you should get a full list of yours AD Users, if not try to join again.
If you get the full list via console and not able to add them on share access control try these steps:

  • switch on/off/on AD ans samba services and try again
  • or perform a reboot and that should solve / show all ad users ( memories from my first time with Rockstor AD integration )


List may take a while, my entire AD has around 3000 user objects…

I don’t have access to my system now but will give it a try