Add GRUB+CMDLINE options

ok so running rockstor 4.1.0-0 openSUSE

my monitor on the server is in portrait mode - and it boots up sideways - obviously

ssh into it and i can get it to rotate the console by editing

/sys/class/graphics/fbcon/rotate to have value 3 (takes effect immediately)

to make it stick - i’ve edited


to make this change


and tried “sudo update_grub” - but update_grub doesn’t exist

does the rockstor install not include “update_grub” because you don’t want us playing around with it or are you not using grub as the bootloader?

i don’t want to go and install update grub and then deep siz my installation

@Greg_Simpson Hello again, and glad to see your now on the “Built on openSUSE” variant.

That would, in brief, be: No, and No.

… does the rockstor install not include “update_grub”

To see all that we include in the JeOS (Just enough Operating System) based approach that we take in the installer, take a look at the following repository used in the building of our installers:

The latest version installs the following regarding grub:

I’ve not looked into this much but I think the update_grub is a CentOS/RedHat ism.
Take a look at for example the upstream advise regarding openSUSE and re-creating grub config:

After having edited /etc/default/grub, update the main configuration file with
grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg.

It’s for 15.4 but it’s only an incremental move on from 15.3.

Also, if you fancy, you can use the above rockstor-installer repo to create a custom installer with your custom kernel command line pre-backed-in. Plus, whenever you build an installer, it pre-applies to the resulting to-bt-installed image all updates to the base OS pending at that time.

For an x86_64 Leap 15.3 based installer the line to edit before the installer build would be this one:

Hope that helps, and let us know how it goes.


yes absolutely worked - i looked at the grub2 reconfig stuff but wasn’t sure - the server doesn’t get rebooted that often and the grub 2.0 message flashes by really quick

this fixed the “issue” - its a cosmetic thing really - but it’s funny in a way

the what i will call the “40 column mode” of grub as it runs through the boot cycle is still not rotated - but when it switches into “80 column mode” it rotates

anyone that has had an apple II with the 16K integer card and a Z80 card and an 80 column display card in it - running CP/M will understand the blink between 40 and 80 column mode

just need to see if HP can rotate the bios

i feel like they might ask me to rotate on something

so thanks phil and just to throw a cat amongst the pigeons

how about torvalds announcing that RUST will be the goto language for the new kernel (and no that was not a BASIC GOTO - what a horrible statement to put into a language