Adding a koel rock-on

Hello again everybody,
I came across a project called koel ( which is something a little bit like self-hosted open source Spotify.
There is no official docker image (, but a few unofficial ones at docker hub. I don’t feel comfortable choosing “the right” (or “best”) container and then try to get it working as a rock-on.
Is anyone here interested in that and would create a json file for koel? I would love to test the extension afterwards =)
Thanks in advance

Hi @OpenSourceUser,

Thanks for bringing up the subject of Docker images choice. There now is a brief write-up related to the choice of Docker images on the Rockstor documentation. Feel free to have a look and see if it helps you choosing one:

You’ll also find more information on how to write your own Rock-on definition file at the link below if you’re interested in giving it a shot.

I’m not a user of this specific app so it may prove difficult for me to pick a good Docker image, but I’ll be willing to try to write a Rock-on definition file if you pick one.
Let us know if you’d like more information!

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I think is a good choice. There is an official support thread ( and binhex maintains quite a lot of docker images.

Looking forward to a rock-on definition file for me to test =) thank you.

I’ll git it a try @OpenSourceUser. Do you mind creating an issue for this on Github and referring to this forum thread? It’ll help keep track of it.

Here’s a first draft.

It loads OK on my system but I can’t test the install for now so I’ll you try it out.
As a reminder, @phillxnet wrote a very nice “How-to” try and test Rock-on for verification here:
How to test a Rock-on pull request - #2 by azteech


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Sorry for the late reply. It shows as installed and running but I can’t connect to either port at the moment. Will report back as soon as I got a few minutes to look for the root of the problem.
One small thing though: the info box for the media share mentions “emby”. I guess it was copy pasted and then overlooked in the json file :wink:

Edit: patience is the key ^^ It connects just fine now. Guess I could not wait for the services to start - my bad =D

Glad it works!
Some Rock-ons can take quite a bit of time to boot up, depending on what needs to be done so it can be normal for their webUI to take several minutes. If you’re curious, you can monitor the process at the command line right after clicking the ‘Install’ button by using either docker logs -f koel or journalctl -f.

That is exactly what happened, thanks for catching it!

If the Rockon is behaving like it should, would you mind submitting it to the official repository? You can find instructions in the README, but you can also do the fork, new branch, upload file, submit PR straight from github’s webUI if you prefer. If not, it’s okay, I’ll take care of it some time.

I can’t logon to github at the moment, but I had a chance to test the rock-on and I can confirm it’s working flawlessly. So I’d say you can submit your file as soon as you find the time. :wink:
Thanks again for the support

I just created a corresponding pull request:

@OpenSourceUser, would you mind confirming that it works there as well (for reference)?


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