Adding Secondary Net without gateway

I am trying to add a netword to a secondry nic. For this net no gateway is necassary but the gu does not allowing to add an IP adress without a gateway address.

In our setup we are using different networks for public ip’s, storage and backup but storage and backup are private nets and so we need no gateways for those nets.

How can I mange to setup a network without gateways?

Have you resolved this yet? I am getting ready to do a similar install. We have 2 networks also. One network which is standard LAN access for shares, and then a separate link between NAS and Web server. I have this currently configured in another NAS OS and also on my CentOS Web server. I am guessing worst case is I can manually configure the 2nd NIC, but will that cause it to not show up in Rockstor?

I’m fairly sure this is just a small shortcoming in the “Add Connection” view that would be easy to change.

As a workaround though, you can also do it manually for now. The network config files are located in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts and called ifcfg-*. Just edit or create the appropriate file with your required settings and do systemctl restart network. It will still show up in the web interface.