After modem reset no connection Rockstor and no video signal


I have recently installed Rockstore. My internet connection is sometimes unstable and sometimes i have to reset my modem ( power of , on. ) I have assigned rockstore a fixed ip via Static DHCP, Ip adress of rockstore therefore will always be
When the modem comes online, i’m no longer able to establish a connection with Rockstor and must connect a monitor and keyboard to log in and systemctl restart rockstor. But when i try to connect these there is no video signal so i have to also reboot rockstore ( ctrl+alt+del ) to input the commands.

Is there a certain kind of key combination to get rockstor out of suspension so that i am able to restart the service? And is there another way to keep the connection after a modem reset?

Thanks and greets from Holland.

Are you not able to ssh? May be you can configure the DHCP to renew frequently? or some such advanced configuration that forces the client to restore network connectivity?

Thanks for your replay, i will look in the router if there are advanced options. I recently discovered about SSH ( sorry Newbie in linux ) so the next time i will try to ssh.