After reboot, many SMB shares not mounting

Still on 3.9.2-57
We have to reboot on a roughly weekly basis when SMB shares stop becoming available.
Yesterday, after we rebooted, about half the shares did not mount. So I waited an hour and rebooted again but they still haven’t mounted.

In addition, on one share (at least) my users, connecting through an Apple iMac, get permission errors when they try to access files.

  1. Any ideas?
  2. What log files are available to try and work the problem?
  3. Is there a way to mount the shares individually?
  4. I have a long-standing problem where it seems Rockstor is not connected to my AD domain correctly any more and doesn’t update the list of users and groups. Is there any problem with disconnecting the AD domain and then reconnecting it?

Thanks for your help!

Update - from the smb.conf I can see the command -

[/opt/rockstor/bin/mnt-share “sharename”]

When I run this against an unmounted share I get the below:

/opt/rockstor/eggs/setuptools-46.1.3-py2.7.egg/pkg_resources/ UserWarning: Setuptools will stop working on Python 2

You are running Setuptools on Python 2, which is no longer
supported and

in a subsequent release (no sooner than 2020-04-20).
Please ensure you are installing
Setuptools using pip 9.x or later or pin to setuptools<45
in your environment.
If you have done those things and are still encountering
this message, please follow up at

sys.version_info < (3,) and warnings.warn(pre + “" * 60 + msg + "” * 60)

Any way around this?

@MRC-MBU Hello again.
Sorry to hear you continued difficulties with v3.9.2-57. But there have been years of work on our side in completely rewriting such things as our AD intergration and years more upstream on the samba etc front and it’s now rather difficult for us to help with the older releases. How are your test trials with v4 coming along. v3.9.2-57 is not longer buildable for us, partly because of the warning message you received regarding setuptools. In the end it became too old to even build against. So we had to stop releasing any more CentOS based rpms. But we were a very long way along with the “Built on openSUSE” endeavour by that point and it ended up being our v4.1.0-0 release.

As I understand it you are already testing this latest free stable release in your environment. It has also, in turn, completely revamped the AD stuff and has a far newer samba.

Last Stable channel released (3.9.2-57) - April 2020

v4.1.0-0 = January 2022

As a work around for now, you may find that this has all happened as the underlying filesystem has become slower and some OS components have been updated outside of Rockstor’s compatibility. I’m really not sure. But I suspect this is down to a timing issue as the fs has slowed down and the bootup now fails due to the mount time in relation to samba starting (wild guess here). So you could try, after a reboot, and given time for what can settle to settle. Disabling samba via the Web-UI, given it a few minutes. Then re-enable. This given the samba start a chance to mount all that it has to with the knowledge that those subvolumes are already mounted. Again this is a guess and may give you some more breathing time before moving to a supported Rockstor version.

Hope that helps.