Allow rockons to mount NFS


Is there a way to allow the RockOns to mount NFS-shares?
I got a setup today with a Freenas that will, if all testing goes well, be exchanged to a RockStor - but!
Today I got nfs-shares since that is quite easily shareable between my current VMs/jails. When trying to mount an nfs-share inside a container I get a “permission denied”.

Could be SElinux, check the /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog (Can’t remember which) and see if it’s logged a message.

The simple solution is to mount an nfsshare in the shared directory on RockStor and not in the container.

For example:
Plex have /media as it’s “data-storage” - then ssh to the RockStor-server, cd to /media and run “mount -t nfs ‘nfs-export’ /media” and it should pop up in the container.

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