Announcing Rockstor 3.8.15

Hello Everyone!

Rockstor 3.8.15
is now available! This may not be news to some of you as the update has been out since late last week, but certain post release tasks took a little longer and hence this delayed announcement.

@Flyer did a great job by contributing several improvements. @phillxnet’s refactoring of disk management is an important improvement, thank you for precisely and thoroughly improving a critical component. Last but not least, @sfranzen, @ganti_priya, @grebnek and @Tomasz_Kusmierz made valuable contributions and making this 43 issue release possible. Thank you all!

If you are interested in more details, please read the dev log.

There are already enough pull requests in the queue to start the next release right away, so stay tuned for that. Finally, please support our effort by subscribing to stable updates. Here’s a discount code for first 25 subscribers. ROCKSTOR3815. Also, we’d love to sell you Rockstor gear. Please head over to the shop!


Any chance to make it a install ISO ? this version actually makes samba behave really good straight out of the box, and sadly in network storage samba still has a lot of traction going for it :frowning:

3.8.15 ISO is available from as always, I’ll edit the main post.

It’s 3.8.14 from source forge and torrent :confused:

(well at least a direct link takes you to 14, when you change filename in link it will take you to list of files and you can select it there yes … but not when you follow layman’s way)

Can we confirm these as the correct checksums?:

sha256sum Rockstor-3.8.15.iso 
d5ab7e35e1c9aa4e6f9505965e6b32c15729bb8047d78f9522fa70c297cadf4f  Rockstor-3.8.15.iso


md5sum Rockstor-3.8.15.iso 
6929d351cc33bbdc388ce886750d1e5e  Rockstor-3.8.15.iso
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Yes, they are correct. Thank for asking!

Hi Rockstor Community,
while coding and having a coffee on a nice sunny saturday morning (finally after 5 rainy days we have sun!) had a rapid check on Rockstor Sourceforge stats and found some interesting things:

  • Rockstor 3.8.14 had ~18.000 downloads from 2016-06-20 to 2016-11-07 (Sourceforge stats) - 5 months
  • Rockstor 3.8.15 codename “Hassle” (this is how I lovingly named it @suman eheh) to this day (2016-11-07 to 2016-11-26) has ~6.900 downloads (Soruceforge stats) - 20 days! :tada:

Some could say “Well, it had those 18.000 downloads because of 5 months waiting for a new stable” : I can’t agree on that, check stats details and you’ll find that these 20 days gave us twice as many downloads Rockstor had on each previous month! :slight_smile:


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screen watch -n240 ‘wget

gets the job done :laughing:

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