Announcing Rockstor 3.8.16

Hello Everyone,

We just released 3.8.16, the last one of 2016! It has been thoroughly enjoyable working with the following contributors to make this happen: @Flyer @phillxnet @ganti_priya @sfranzen and @gkadillak. Thank you all for your commitment to the project we share the love for!

More information about this release can be found in this blog post and the dev log has all the information about the work done to make this release.

As usual, you can download the latest 3.8.16 ISO from the downloads page. If you are a Stable updates subscriber upgrading from 3.8.15 to 3.8.16, just update the usual way from the UI. However, the upgrade breaks if it’s tried from a release prior to 3.8.15. There was an e-mail sent out to all subscribers in advance to upgrade to 3.8.15 before we released 3.8.16. We also sent out instructions to to upgrade manually if the need be. See this post for more information.

I am looking forward to start working on the next release. Please support us by subscribing to stable updates and purchasing items from our shop. Here’s a discount code for all products: ROCKSTOR3816. Thanks for being a member of our community!


Hi @suman,

that is great news - thank you for the update!

Looking into the future and the coming years…what is your vision for 3.9 or 4.0?
What are the major changes / improvements / features that will appear on the sky? :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.


I really don’t want to promise any big features at this time. ISCSI comes to mind and so do others that have a lot of comments on github and forum. We’ll get to them sooner than later. But At least the next cycle is going to focus on stability and reliability. There will be new stuff too, please stay tuned.

Keep getting this error popup at one point. Closed the tab and reconnected to the server solved the issue. Using Chrome 55

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[quote=“glenngould, post:3, topic:2511”]
that is great news - thank you for the update!

that is great news - thank you for the update!

Can I get a link to the Checksum for 3.8.16? It fails the verify media test and I want to see whether it’s the ISO or something else that’s fishy.


@Learning2NAS Hello again.

md5sum Rockstor-3.8.16-1.iso 
3bf6979d2bb0f668bd156432b78b43e2  Rockstor-3.8.16-1.iso

And to see what Sourceforge has, if you click on the ‘i’ icon next to the file:
you should see the same.

Hope that helps.

Good to see you again, Philip :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. I didn’t know where to look on Source Forge. Now I know!