Any plans to offer a multi license pack down the road? And of course, more Rockons!

Good evening,

First let me say Rockstor has really grown on me over the last few months. As a previous user of FreeNAS and OpenMediaVault I have come to appreciate Rockstor’s simple yet feature rich setup. Since one of the great features of Rockstor is the device to device replication, I would love to see a multi license pack. I know 15 dollars isn’t very much; I mean I spend that on lunch in less than 2 days most weeks; but having multiple installs using the same license or central account would be useful, even if the discount wasn’t that much.

Also, yeah, more Rockons! Specifically, I would like to see more backup options to commercial cloud/offsite sources. I “used” crashplan on FreeNAS, but that always felt basically like a hackaround.

Thanks and keep rocking,


We’d be happy to provide you a central account where all your machines are tied together support wise. We have plans to provide a support portal where a customer can manage all issues under one account. I just sent you an e-mail to discuss more.