Anyone given the nvidia-docker runtime a try?

A little background,

my system is starting to look a little long in the tooth when it comes to plex transcodes and I’d like to be able to leverage the nvidia GPU I have in the system to do a little bit of the heavy-lifting, but that of course requires installing the nvidia proprietary drivers (something that I’m not sure rockstor supports by default) and then installing the nvidia-docker runtime which might break something in the rockstor docker implementation. (I know it would also take some edits to the rock-on file used for plex, but honestly I’m not worried about that as changing a docker file to the rock-on json is pretty trivial)

I know I could just take a full backup of my boot disk and try, but I wanted to see if anyone had attempted this or something similar already. Are there any features planned to take advantage of setups like this?

Hi @criddle!

That looks like an interesting endeavor… Before going further, however, and in case you aren’t already using it, you may be able to help transcoding using QuickSync if you have compatible hardware. It’s nothing like leveraging your GPU, of course, but it should be a lot easier to do and may be able to help your transcoding in the meantime.

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t tested for any conflict or compatibility issue with what I’ve described below, so try at your own risks.

To test this, I tried to follow the nvidia-docker documentation on its installation on RHEL7 systems, but quickly ran into something a little worrying. Indeed, upon activating their rhel7.6 repo and trying to install nvidia-docker2, I ran into some compatibility issue:

Error: Package: nvidia-docker2-2.0.3-3.docker18.09.7.ce.noarch (nvidia-docker)
           Requires: docker-ce = 3:18.09.7
           Installed: docker-ce-17.09.0.ce-1.el7.centos.x86_64 (@Rockstor-Stable)
               docker-ce = 17.09.0.ce-1.el7.centos

As you can see, the version of docker-ce installed is incompatible with nvidia-docker2. Now, you technically can manually update docker’s version, but I don’t know whether or not this will create some conflict(s) with Rockstor.
A better way to address this would be to use a version of nvidia-docker2 compatible with Rockstor’s docker version, as per nvidia’s doc:

yum --setopt=obsoletes=0 install nvidia-docker2-2.0.0-1.docker17.09.0.ce nvidia-container-runtime-1.0.0-1.docker17.09.0

I unfortunately cannot test further as I don’t have NVIDIA hardware available but that should be a good start if you were to go on this journey.

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