Anyone tried to upgrade to btrfs-progs v4.9.1 (Jan 2017) or other btrfs-props?

has anyone of you tried to upgrade/implement one of the latest btrfs-progs into Rockstar 3.8.16? Any good instructions to do so? Any experience or problems you can share?

Or do I need to upgrade the kernel first (which I would like to do anyhow…now 4.9.9), I’ve asked already once how to do best for/with Rockstor with no reply…


Hi @glenngould,
currently we run on btrfs-progs 4.8.3 (Centos is on 4.4.1) and while having tests on share usage issue moved to btrfs-progs 4.8.4 and 4.9 too : no issues with 4.9, all was fine, but had to compile (no rpms available)

We’re working on this too :slight_smile:



Thx @Flyer

I really appreciate your work and contribution in order to get those improvements soon into the next releases of Rockstor .
@suman indicated in the following post that a new kernel/btrfs will most likely not show up before 3.9.1

Let us hope things progress well in order to see soon newer versions :smile:

Hi @glenngould,
you’re right about that and @suman , although some tests gave us good results, wisely wait to move btrfs-progs and kernel! :slight_smile: ( better to have contributors dev environment corrupted than all users running machines failing )

If you want to play with latest btrfs-progs (on a dev environment) we’ll appreciate it: welcome to contributors :smiley: