Appliance ID Regeneration

I have two Rockstor machines with the same Appliance ID.

I have Rockstor on two machines. I first built “machine a”, booting off of a low-profile USB and an internal 5TB SATA drive. I then decided to switch hardware… the USB and SATA booted beautifully on “machine b.”

Deciding to try the replication feature, I installed a fresh Rockstor onto “machine a” – but it gave me the same appliance ID as the one that is on “machine b”. I assume this is because they were built on the same hardware.

Is there a way I can regenerate this UUID for “machine b?” Otherwise, it’s not allowing me to replicate because the UUIDs are the same :frowning:

Thanks for any ideas!

EDIT: I also wanted my users to match, so I did a backup of the original “machine b” install and restored it to “machine a” – is that possibly how the appliance ID was cloned?

Hi @gokev. It is indeed a problem not to have unique IDs. Let me explain this as many of us may like to know what’s going on. Prior to 3.8-14, appliance IDs are generated by Rockstor. The good thing with that approach is that they are most certainly unique. But not persistent as a new one is generated if you re-install. Starting 3.8-14, we started using the hardware generated ID from dmidecode. The advantage is that they are persistent. But it also turns out that not all hardware vendors set them and the end result is a sloppy not so unique ID. We do have a small hack in place that detects one particularly recurring ID, but in the last 2 weeks or so, I’ve gotten dmidecode output from a few users to help me fix it properly by falling back to Rockstor generated ID with better logic.

Would you help me by sending the output of “dmidecode” on both of your machines? If you don’t like to share the output publicly, you can PM or send an e-mail to suman@rockstor.coom