Appliance management

After adding more rockstor appliances to the management, on both system’s UI.
You should be able to pull down the “hostname management” in the top left to select each system.

The screen should be refreshed within the same TAB, not spawn a new TAB.

If the configuration is done on each system, you will be able to easily select a system from the top left “hostname management” pull down, giving the look and feel of a single unified UI.

@GIDDION This is a great idea and quite timely. We have a current issue open that relates to switching between screens, so I have added your input to that issue #702 for consideration / consolidation.

As UI redesign is in the works it’s good to have your input.

Thinking about this further. Why not allow an option to have split screen within the different sections. For example; if I click pools, you will have a split screen with Appliance 1 and Appliance 2 in columns.

This would effectivly be a frame that is connected to the other Appliance. So, once again, providing the illusion of a single UI.

This should have a configurable layout (limited), a configuration screen that allows a certain layout, like 2 or 3 columns or all systems in rows, or an X*X grid. Also, selecting which screens allow this feature, ie pools, shares, disks etc…

Also, I’d like a config inport/export feature to enable easy configuration cloning of systems, which is especially useful for DR implementations that need to be the same. With this in mind, a push config changes to remote Appliance would also be usefukl as it would mean easy centralised (common) configuration.

@GIDDION I have added a slightly abridged version of you UI suggestions to the same issue as before, and we already have the following issue to which I have added a quote from you so that it might all be considered together:-