Appman not sending a verification email

I recently installed version 4.0.5 on a previous 3 server and my appliance ID has changed. I signed up for an account on but the verification email never arrives.

Thanks for the help

@straighttalk86 Thanks for the heads up. I’m now looking into this.

@straighttalk86 OK, so this is another instance of a known issue we have with our SendGrid email service and it’s shared ip arrangement. Some email servers, intermittently, reject our emails as they come from SendGrid’s servers that have varying reputations. This is the reason we currently have the following warning on our shop page here:

We cannot reliably deliver to @hotmail,, @live, @gmx, or @orange addresses, please use an alternative email if possible.

And it looks like your email provider either uses the same ip blacklists or uses one of these service in the background.

I’ll Private Message (PM) you here on the forum with the details shortly but I’ve now by-hand verified your email login at Appman so you should be able to login with the password you setup.

Also keep an eye on the case of the appliance id as we have a recent report of a possible issue here on the ‘Built on openSUSE’ front.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for verifying the email login. I was able to login to appman now and updated the appliance id. The stable updates are currently activated!



I had the same issue using my address but after “a while” (not sure how long, I think I went to bed even) it did show up. Perhaps SendGrid retried or perhaps Microsoft figured out it wasn’t spam.

I have zero insight into SendGrid and how that service operates but if they have issues sending e-mail to certain domains it should be in their best interest to take care of that as I assume you pay for their service.

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