OK, so it’s now the turn of Appman’s server to receive a little maintenance. Expect no availability / intermittent service for around an hour past 13:15 UTC +1. And likely a couple or so 2 minute interruptions there after during the rest of today 20th June 2021 (Sunday).

Services affected:

  • Appman
  • Testing and Stable rpm repo access.
  • And related to the rpm repo access, our DIY installer builder will also not ‘find’ it’s testing rpm.

That’s pretty much it and should have no affect on running servers other than a hopefully short break in their respective rpm update access for their Rockstor repo only. All other updates, curtousy of zypper’s defaults, will be unaffected. Older CentOS installs may refuse to apply any updates (yum defaults) due to the single ‘broken’ rockstor repo.

Apologies again for these unfortunately unavoidable interruptions but as we gain momentum, and subscribers :slight_smile: , we can invest the time and finance into making our back-end inftrastructure more robust. These more recent maintenance windows are part and keeping our options open.

Thanks for your patience and understanding on these ‘old school’ down times. But all in good time hopefully.

N.B. I’ll update this thread when all appears to have settled; or otherwise of course.


Is there another EULA for me to read?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Will get me coat…


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OK, so just one more site interruption planned for 18:00 UTC +1 today (Sunday) and I’m hoping we are then done for a bit with this server.

  • Anticipated Appman down time around 10 minutes this time.

Thanks again for hanging in on this one. We should be in a better position there after.

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OK folks. So I think we are out of the weeds for the time being on this one.

Initial down time ended up being around 10 mins. We then had a couple of 1 min or so outages there after and then the final 10 min one as per my last post.

All now looks to be in place again.

Apologies for any disruption/inconvenience this currently unavoidable maintenance down time may have caused.


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Is this happening again?

Installing 4.0.7, I was able to activate the stable release channel, but a zypper up gives the following error for Rockstor-Stable

Retrieving repository ‘Rockstor-Stable’ metadata …[error]
Repository ‘Rockstor-Stable’ is invalid.
[Rockstor-Stable|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL

  • [Rockstor-Stable|] Repository type can’t be determined.

Please check if the URIs defined for this repository are pointing to a valid repository.
Skipping repository ‘Rockstor-Stable’ because of the above error.

Hi @criddle,

Just to verify, do the other repos work or do you get the same error? Trying zypper ref should give a clear answer.

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@criddle & @Flox
I think I know what’s going on here.

We have yet to release the official Stable version of Rockstor 4, and we have a place holder repository for Leap 15.2 Stable channel containing rpm version 4.0.4-0.

But as Leap 15.3 has only recently been added as a ‘target’ for us, due to it’ fairly recent release; we just don’t have a stable Leap 15.3 Rockstor 4 repository yet. Hence the:


I’ll create a place holder repo for this soon, populated or otherwise so that once we do get to Stable channel release any system using this repo will then pick-up it’s new contents and update it’s rockstor package if appropriate.

Apologies for this. We have our back-end setup for Leap 15.3 builds but we just haven’t published the placeholder that we deemed necessary to diagnose an early zypper issue we were facing some time back.

Hope that helps, at least to explain this error message. As indicated other repos will not be affected and the system will continue to acknowledge the upstream repos in the interim.


Just about to take an offline snapshot of the Appman / updates server again.

Please bear with me, and this thread, if this affects you.

OK, so we have been mostly up now for some time getting new stuff settled in, but going down again for around 25 mins, as of this post, for a final offline snapshot.

I’ll update this thread there-after: either way (fingers crossed).

OK, so I think we are in the clear again.

Again, apologies for any interruptions on this front.