Are there any recommendations to use apcupsd for APC USB UPS?

I just want to ask about recommended config for apcupsd.
I have APC Back-UPS with a USB connection, it is not supported by NUT-UPS.
Do I have to set up anything special or just shut down at the desired time?

@Miyuki Hello again.

That’s a shame. Are you sure it’s not supported. For simple shutdown via NUT you don’t need across the board support, just to know if the power has gone. I take it you have referenced the hardware compatibility list referenced within our Web-UI. Copied here for references:

Note that there are many APC Back-UPS models mentioned there. And that they mostly use the usbhid-ups, solis, or genericups (with a upstype=* setting). And one is listed again the apcsmart driver. It may very well be worth trying each of these drivers. Or, if you haven’t already, research others attempts as finding a working driver.

Our technical wiki on our own NUT implementation is here:

That may be useful for testing purposes.

All we do is shutdown. So no, nothing special required; bar executing a proper shutdown before the back-up (battery) power is likely to run-out. Or cancel if the wall power returns in the mean time to cover short power outages without having to manually power up the machine again, assuming you didn’t execute an immediate shutdown down.

Hope that helps.


Hi @Miyuki,

I just wanted to second @phillxnet’s answer as your UPS may still be supported by NUT; that’s the case for me at least.
I indeed too have a small APC Back-UPS (I’ll need to dig up the exact model) that was not listed as officially supported by NUT, but it still works. I could verify that many times (unfortunately) across the years with many power outages where I live and my Rockstor machine connected to it directly via USB shutting down gracefully when the UPS is on low-battery.
I don’t have access to it for the moment so I’ll have to double check my config but I believe I used the usbhid-ups drivers in Rockstor’s webUI.

Hope this helps,


Thanks, it looks like it is supported by usbhid-ups. My fault.
I have APC BK650EI
It was just confusing how they listed supported models. I can use even RS232 cable when needed as I have a serial port on the server.


@Miyuki Hello again.

So that’s good news. I’d go for the USB connection as less variables to get in the way.

Our user docs on setting up the NUT configuration via the Web-UI is here:

UPS / NUT Setup:

Also, did you know that NUT’s Network bit can also signal other machines on the network running NUT client software to shutdown as well. Assuming your network hardware is also on the UPS that is. We have a section on this in the above doc section entitled:

Netserver Mode:

Netserver Mode is essentially identical to Standalone Mode but with the additional benefit of offering NUT services to other machines on the network by way of those machines running NUT client software. In addition to the options available in Standalone Mode there are also the following:

  • Monitor Mode - Select either master or slave
    – master - (Default) This System is most likely directly connected to the UPS; this system will shutdown last allowing slave nut systems time to shutdown first.
    – slave - This system will not wait for other nut clients to shutdown, UPS is most likely not directly connected to this system.

It’s quite neat as it extends the ‘knowledge’ of power state and the potential to act accordingly to other network attached devices. This all assumes there is the power capacity to handle all these devices of course. But your mode looks to have 650 VA (400 W) so assuming a moderate NAS and regular network hardware you may well have some options.

I’ve set this up myself in the past and it’s quite neat to see a client or two auto shutdown followed shortly thereafter by the server. Plus there are NUT clients for pretty much all OS’s.

But best to start out with the standalone setup first and potentially expand from there.

Hope that helps.


Network infrastructure have separate DC power with a bigger battery for about 12-24 Hours bckup
I have this UPS dedicated for this server