AsRock Rack C2550D4I Alternative

I’m new to rockstor and I was considering the C2550D4I mobo cpu combo for my nas, but with the recent wave of failure after just 2 year of operation I need an alternative. I can’t seem to find anything in the same price range (300-350$) mobo + cpu with ecc support in mini-itx form factor.

I welcome any suggestion you might have


Hi and welcome.

You seem to be touched with same problem that a lot of people seem to experience these days: “it has to be brand spanking new or it’s not good” …

Save you money, got for this one:

it has 12 bays (you can connect another external SAS enclosure and have as many disk you want … 2x xeon with plenty of processing power … very power efficient … replace fans with something quiet (a bit of DIY) … I’ve got that one behind my TV in my living room ( hidden in plain sight :smiley: )

Another note, for love of god just avoid marvel controllers like a plague !!! For mere suggesting using those in data centre people will kick you out (through the shut door). I have that one my mother board … intent was never to use it because I know it’s crap … in the end I’ve had to manually disable BIOS for this controller to NOT load because it causes corruptions in operating system during normal operation …