Autofs connections problems

troubles mounting my shares with autofs. everything works when i mount it manually with “mount”… any ideas? thanks

Did you try solution from this forum?

Commenting this line in auto.master blow works in Ubuntu:


thanks for the replies.
first of all: great product!
second: i will come back when/if the owncloud stuff gets sorted out. my patience with this nginx stuff was limited, installing it through the webinterface brought me to a broken page, besides i need a database… maybe i am just used to this apache thing, setting up ownlcoud on a standard centos system is easy for me. so thats what i did. centos basic nfs shares and owncloud. i will keep an eye on the rockstor webhosting stuff… wouldnt mind coming back

autofs: strange one that i did not investigate, but i am pretty sure its a prob with rockstor because i am running autofs to my old nas just fine. and i could mount the shares… just not with autofs