Automatic Shutdown from UPS

Is it possible to have the system shut down via UPS? I purchases a APC UPS with a network card, so I’d prefer to use the network for shutdown if possible. Is this a feature of Rockstor?

@AdamC Hello there. Yes this is possible but is not yet integrated into Rockstor. Howerver as Rockstor is essentially a customized CentOS 7 you could simply follow guides regarding NUT (Network UPS Tools) and CentOS 7. We have an issue open already for this as a feature that I would like to have a stab at myself but still clawing my way through the basics and more pressing matters at the moment I’m afraid. In that same issue the original poster erazortt detailed the page that helped them to successfully install and configure NUT on Rockstor:-

Ok so things are really easy. I just followd this guide:

It’s may well be easier to setup a direct usb connection as that will probably involve the usbhid-ups driver, though this depends on the model. The place to find which driver is required regardless is:- NUT’s hardware compatibility list. If you are unable to interface to the UPS via ethernet and have to use a direct connection you can then share this connection in a NUT compatibly way via you config so that the Rockstor server then acts as a NUT server itself to other machines on the network.

What model APC do you have? It might be that it’s network capability is compatible with the snmp-ups driver which would be nice. I see a few APC’s listed as such in the NUT compatibility list.

My own setup is a custom compiled OpenWRT installed on an old router that acts as NUT server to my network. It has a direct usb connection to the ups which doesn’t otherwise have network capability. This way all machines on the network can be made aware of power issues and take appropriate action.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @phillxnet! Even though my model card (APC SmartSlot AP9617) isn’t directly mentioned in your linked reference, I do see discussions on the same forum with the same card. Sounds like the snmp-ups driver should work. Thanks!