Automatically changing owner on share

I have been struggling with getting some of the rock-ons to work properly.
For some strange reason the share owner gets automatically changed to:
User: 104
Group: 107
And this will not work as some of the Rock-ons where i can specify a user it will get access denied.
Also i noticed that the file permissions gets changed from 777 to 755.

Anyone know how i can prevent this? i have changed in the rockstor interface to correct permissions but it just gets reverted back after a while.
Example from terminal:
drwxrwxrwx 1 104 107 176 17 aug 21.18 Rock-Ons_Config

Permission issues can arise if you use the same share for multiple purposes, e.g. a configuration and a data share. How are your rock-on shares set up?

On another note, are you sure you want to set 777 permissions?

Hello Steven,
Ah ok, i tought i could just put all rockons config on same share.
No i don’t really want 777 but it was a temp solution just to get the apps up again.
I think the conflict is with Transmission and Plex. Plex have user defined and transmission are running as something unspecified.
I will split them up.

Thanks again.

Just noticed the same thing, it is definitely transmission. I default to 104:107, I wonder if changing this to :plex (my group for plex and other apps, would work) or a way to set transmission to run as user (which is likely the proper step). I’ll try to do a pull request and add the open for specifying the user.

Adding debian-transmission as user with id 104 and debian-transmission as a group with id 107 works
I then made plex have a secondary group membership

usermod -G debian-transmission plex

PR pending to fix - it adds entries for UID/GID on transmission to set.

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And your slow moving maintainer finally merges that pr. Thank you @magicalyak!