Back again! Love the new installer

Hi Phillip,
I was with you guys back in 2020, but an unfortunate whim and curiosity led me to investigate NAS like OMV, XigmaNAS, ans finally TrueNAS Core as it’s called now. Iran that for for about 18 months, but it is a cumbersome system, though it ran well. But I’ve always had it in mind that I was happiest with Rockstor.
I’ve just installed the V4 Leap 15.3 – your install is a dream compared with what we needed to do a few years ago! It is is so slick and fast. I am just waiting for an Activation code (I emailed linuxlines for a shop password.).
I can’t wait to configure Rockstor. I have a great server, SuperMicro MB, 4x 4TB Seagate drives, etc. I’m also looking forward to getting back to BTRFS.
Congratulations on everything you guys have done,
Kind regards,
Charles (CEH)


Hi @CEH - welcome back in to the fold :slight_smile:
Just a thought. You say you are ‘waiting for an Activation code’, and cannot wait to configure Rockstor. You know you can go ahead and configure and use Rockstor without a stable channel activation code? Then simply apply the code when it arrives (I recommend having one for the stable channel, but there are some activities around the Rockstor shop at the moment preventing their purchase - @phillxnet will be able to explain/clarify better than I).



Thanks GeoffA - I didn’t know that. But I wanted to activate so that I could I could set up my Update Channel. I wanted to do that before I did any configuration. So, unless it takes a long time, I’ll wait. After all, I’ve been away for 2 years so a week or two won’t hurt! Only disappointment is that I see BTRFS 5/6 is still suspect. Still better than ZFS I reckon.



@CEH Welcome back from me also. And I have now replied to your linuxlines support email.

Nice, and Yes, I think this has been a major benefit of our last big push on revamping the whole project. Still some way to go in many other areas but the installer technology choices have proven to be invaluable. Also note that one can now, far more easily, roll/build ones own custom installer via the instructions and content of the following GitHub repo:

For the wider audience and as @GeoffA said, the shop is in-flux/on-the-move. However our current download already has the latest stable release pre-installed. But our downloadable installer images were now build some time ago, but we are working towards updating them soon it goes. So be sure to apply all upstream (read openSUSE) updates via the instructions here:
And this works irrespective of update channel selection.

That way you have the base OS updates. The update channels are concerned with the Rockstor app and it’s little helper apps, but he OS is the main concern regarding updates if the base Rockstor functions as it should: which the last stable of v4.1.0-0 mostly does. We have some pending issues to address but our main focus is on establishing the new testing channel for the time being, ready to do the next big push to getting more up-to-date dependencies etc within our own “rockstor” package which is the main content of the update channels.

With some additional risk, associated with using less well tested core OS elements, we have the following HowTo that is an option to consider if you really fancy running the parity raid levels, or the even newer additions such as raid1c3/c4:

“Installing the Stable Kernel Backport”

Hope that helps, and thanks for your kind words and helping to support Rockstor’s development.


Thanks Phillip - I am really overwhelmed by how you have achieved such a professional and easy installation. Trust me, I have struggled through trials of OMV, Xigma and TrueNas that involved a huge amount amount of trial and error to get working. Admittedly TrueNas now works well, but I got sick of issues and ZFS limitations. Recently I looked for a simpler solution like OwnCloud/NextCloud and even Syncthing, all involving a lot of research and trial, and then I thought “Rockstor”? Sooo easy!!

You guys have done a fantastic job. In half an hour, I had a configurable system! Versus days and days trying to install something inferior. I’ll never stray again!