Backing up Data Folders


I’m using Rockstor for a few days by now but I don’t know nothing of Linux and I’m facing some issues and difficulties.

Can anyone tell me where the data folders are to share in Syncthing Rockon folders path, can’t find it…

I need to backup the data I have in Rockstor NAS, some folders, to a portable drive when I’m away from home. I find Syncthing and I can you use it but any other solutions or tips are welcome.

Thanks a lot!

@HM1969 welcome to the Rockstor community.

When you started working with Rockstor, I assume you have set up the Disk and a Pool and also created a few shares on the Pool, maybe created some SMB exports based on those shares, so you can put data on there from other systems.

For the Syncthing Rockon configuration you should create a share that holds the configuration for Syncthing, and then specify the share from the list where you are keeping your data and that you want to synchronize. So, for example:

In the shares screen there would be the test-config for the configuration data and AAA that holds the data you want to sync.

that’s what you then populate in the Syncthing install wizard:

I believe within Syncthing you can then pick specific folders for synchronization, if you don’t want to make the entire data available.

Assuming you have syncthing installed on one of your other machines and the portable drive attached there. That’s where you can then pick the target for your synchronization.

Is that what you were looking for?


Hi, thanks for the answers, trying to make the configuration I’ll get this message:

Don’t know what is missing…

And this too:


I’ve this shares

And Syncthing parameters

Not entirely sure, but do the PUID/PGID that you specified there have read/write access to the share you configured?

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Well really dont know I think is by default. But you are right viewing the info in (i) label it gives the message PUID and PGID is invalid, what should it be this values?

A couple of things first:
the share you added for the /config mapping rock-ons-root is that the same one you’re using to run the Rockons service? If yes, that can have some weird consequences as the Rockon root stores the docker images in snapshots. Having the config for syncthing write into that same tree structure might have some unintended consequences. You actually want to create a separate share on your disk pool just for that. Give it a couple of GB (quotas are not currently enforced anyway).

Check out the tab Access Control for the HM_Backup share you specified above there. I assume, the owner is root.

If you go to the Users and Group screens on Rockstor you can see the UIDs of the various users and the GID of the groups, respectively.

For example, if you create a user admin that has the UID 5000 and is assigned to the group users with a GID of 5000, then you could use those. What you want to make sure is that the particular user can actually write to that share you specified further above. So on the Access Control tab of the shae you could change the owner to the user/group that you specify for Syncthing. Or, allow write access to Other, all depending on how you want your security set up…

The share where home is mapped to the /mnt2/HM_Backup, I am not entirely sure why that’s there. Did you add that after the initial installation?


Ok, I’ll change the settings and then get back with news as soon as I can. Thanks for the advice of creating a diferent share for config-syncthing I thought I could use the same share for the Rockon root👍


Ok I could manage to work in Rockstor even thought I get this message

Can I run the command for linux as bellow:

After that, curious or not, to sync with other windows harddrives other than C: gives me the same kind of error I could not fix even after I changed all the permissions, but nothing…

There is other way in Rockstor to backup or sync data in external HDD conected directly to Rockstor and that can be removed when needed?


@HM1969 sorry for the delay. I am not very familiar with Syncthing, so not sure what’s going on there. I hope someone else on the forum will be able to provide more assistance in that space, or you might want to post in the syncthing support forum, you might have better luck there.

As for the other options … assuming that external hard drive is ntfs formatted. You could install the relevant linux packages for read/write of those drives, and then use the mount/unmount commands to attach the hard drive to the Rockstor appliance. Then, at the command line you could copy or use functions like rsync to put data on that hard drive. In this case, is your friend.


Ok I’ll google it! Thanks for your precious help :+1: For now I’m using freefilesync cause using this tools took an amount of knowledge that I dont have, so I’ll investigate the subject later. Thanks again, REgards, HM.

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Thanks for the update. Freefilesync seems to be a pretty straightforward tool. Maybe in the future this could be also offered as a Rockon, as I found a container that’s published on docker hub:

(not an official one, but by somebody who’s regularly publishing containers for various other applications).