Backup data to external drive

Hi everyone,

I’ve been setting up a new NAS system over the last couple of weeks and testing it with AD intergration which is now working.

My next question is how do I backup the data within my shares to an external USB drive and can this be scheduled?

I am using Rockstor-3.8-14 and I’ve taken a look but couldn’t find a definitive answer if this is possible or how to do it.

Thanks for all your help.



Good afternoon @noelmm Noel!,

happy to read it (I remember your post about this :slight_smile: )

Going on,
you’ve just unknowingly won our daily “Gotta Catch 'Em All” competition!!! (2 open issues in a single message!)

  • Backup to usb external drives issue
  • Scheluding tasks issue

Here we come with your prize:
:tada: a full set of Rockstor Contributors Action Figures!!! :tada:

Ok, let’s stop joking :wink:

No prize in this round, but the good news is that both issues are on Looney Bean roadmap so likely to be solved in the short/mid-term


Hi Mirko,

Thanks for the quick reply. I think once that feature is added the whole NAS experience will be greatly improved. For now I’ll just map the drive and use a Robocoy script to backup all of my data.


Hi Noel,
I fully agree with you about these features and we’ll let users have them asap! :slight_smile:
Meanwhile, you can have both with a Robocopy (like you’re doing) or some little shell scripts