Backup Recommendations


Over on the documentation ( under the heading Backup Recommendations, there is the following statement:

Use Rockstor’s external share backup functionality which rsyncs selected shares to an external location on a periodic basis (under development)

Is this functionality available in the current release, or is the statement implying that the feature does not yet edit but is on a development roadmap?

If it is the former, and pointers on how to access/enable the functionality?

If it is the later, does anyone have any rsync experience to set up something like this?

@kupan787 Hello again.

No not as yet I’m afraid. But definitely planned. A related development towards this feature is the Disk Role system recently introduced. See Disk Role Configuration where currently we have only the Redirect Role implemented (to deal with ascribing a partition to use; which is a likely requirement on at least external plug in type media).

Essentially the existing role system is intended as a ‘label’ function where the user would be able to designate a drive for a particular purpose. The idea is then that upon recognising such a label we could automate the required rsync behaviour or task. Currently disks that have yet to be assigned to a pool or LUKS formatted or otherwise configured will present the role screen via their associated icon and it is there where we have the following:

  • The Archive role: intended for single external drive use (eg USB).
    Compatible with the Redirect role.
    N.B. Not currently implemented

  • The External Import role: intended for single external drive use (eg USB). A data synchronization role where an external drive’s data is to be imported onto a designated internal share.
    Compatible with the Redirect role.
    N.B. Not currently implemented
    Note: The external drive is the master source of truth. If a file is changed on the external drive and the drive is then re-attached, the next sync operation will update the designated share’s version. Not the other way around.

Hope the helps to clarify some of our plans.

As per:

you would be much better served by other forum members on that one as although I’ve used rsync I’m really not very familiar with it. But as an alternative you might also consider the GPL licensed duplicity which uses rsync’s algorithm, via librsync. Or if you are after a nice bash wrapper to duplicity there is another project I’ve dabbled in which might make for an easier cron job implementation; which is how I used it for a number of years, pre Rockstor, to backup to an S3 bucket.

So I just came across btrbk, which appears to do what I want. Specifically the section “encrypted backup to non-btrfs target”. In my use-case, my backup is not BTRFS formatted, it is a Drobo connected to an OS X host. So it looks like with btrbk, it will take a backup of a specified subvolume, and transfer it via SSH over to another machine.

If I get it all working, I’ll report back here.


Yes that’s a well respected option and unfortunately it didn’t spring to mind. I’ve quoted the main author on btrfs send resume issues in a comment on the following issue:

and we have another reference to it by GitHub user dbivolaru recently by way of a comment in our:


Yes, I’d be very interested in your experience here as it looks like a nice candidate to include as one of our schedules.