Backup to Amazon Cloud Drive with Duplicati

Here is what I did today:

Thanks to @bug11 there are now even more Rock-ons that we can test and use. I was especially interested in Duplicati because it does support Amazon Cloud Drive (acd) which offers a plan called “Unlimited Everything”. This means I will be able to backup all my files no matter how many there are.

Until now I’ve used rclone ( to sync my media share to the cloud. (I might post a topic for that later.)

But let’s get straight to it now:

  1. I installed Duplicati as suggested in the Readme (
  2. Added my media share using the Rockstor Web-UI (Edit Rock-on)
  3. Hit [Add new backup] and clicked [Backup to] where I selected “Amazon Cloud Drive” as Storage Type
  4. Generated the AuthID (
  5. Chose my media share folder (/mnt/media as definied in Step 2)
  6. Started the process manually by clicking “Run now”

Of course there are more things that can be configured. For instance you can exclude files from the backup task by setting maximum file size or define filters.

PS: The task is still running and I guess it will take a lot of time until it is finished so I will be updating this story in the not-so-close future :sweat_smile:

Thanks to:
@suman and team for the rockstor project
@bug11 for the latest Rock-ons
@bdarcus for helping with rclone
@phillxnet for making us feel that there is one person who reads every single post and is always willing to help and welcome you


Thank you for this post @OpenSourceUser! I can’t wait to give this a try myself, soon after the 3.8-13 release coming very soon.

Duplicati as rock-on is very slow, and I think this can be traced back to the MONO project. and also it is a beta version.