Backups folders exceptions

ive been making backups using rsync to a network location, excluding these directories:

what is /mnt2/ROOT/? it seems to be a second mount point for / but not all the dirs? I can create a file in /home/user and it is also in /mnt2/ROOT/home/user.

rockstor:/ # ls
.snapshots bin boot config.bootoptions config.partids dev etc export home lib lib64 mnt mnt2 opt proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var
rockstor:/ # cd /mnt2/ROOT
rockstor:/mnt2/ROOT # ls
.snapshots boot dnsmasq home jellyfin opt pihole rockons root srv tmp usr var
rockstor:/mnt2/ROOT #

why is this? I am assuming I can exclude it from a backup as well.

it is a mount point containing the OS in general and then allows to add more shares via the WebUI to it (though usually not recommended to separate the concerns between the OS/Rockstor appliance and the data you’re managing)
From your ls command I see that you have some additional directories for pihole, dnsmasq and jellyfin. I assume, these are installations not using the Rockons but directly on the platform? If yes, then I would think you probably want to back those up to keep the configs available in case of a restore?