Beeping on DE52

I have a fairly new DE52 (5 drives) and today the bottom three drives are showing red lights and beeping incessantly. But, the drives appear to be working normally.

This is on a Mac system and Disk Utility shows nothing wrong with those drives.

I recall we got a disc with a utility app on it … but can’t find that disc now. Is that something on line or that I can download?

Please help!


@afoster Welcome to the Rockstor community.

On looking this up I think you may be on the wrong forum as that device appears to be a piece of hardware supplied by “rocstor” who are an unrelated hardware supplier of external storage devices (hdd/ssd). However Rockstor is a company that shepherds the development of a gnu open source NAS software product of the same name which is based on CentOS linux. Rockstor also offers paid support options of this software product.

Hope that helps.

Their stuff looks nice.