[Beginner help] Basic questions & tv recording server

Hello guys,

I am building a nas for my father and I came across Rockstor.
Is the project still in it’s young shoes or already considered to be super reliable / bullet proof since we want to store data with high emotional value on it?
Second question: Is a tv recording plugin / docker like tvheadend or mythtv available and fuctioning since it HAS to be able to record tv from a tuner card otherwise it would be a dealbreaker.

Thanks for helping a noob out.
Have a great day.

I would say, Rockstor it stable.
But as on every solution, based on the impotance of your data, you maybe should have a second backup target.
This could be a second rockstor server. Or it could be a crashplan backup or something like this. There is also a crashplan plugin.

As for tv recording:
You can run any docker image you want on rockstor.
The file format of the Rockon profile file is described here: https://github.com/rockstor/rockon-registry
This is for getting the docker container into the Rockstor GUI.
From commandline you can run a Docker container also without a Rockon profile.

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