Beginner: New Setup

I am new to home servers, im an IT engineer apprenctice, so as you can expect im on a low budget, and my knowledge of servers is not vast, although my knowledge in hardware and networking is extensive.
Anyway, my problem is, i have downloaded rockstor, i got it running, i have access to the web browser, i have made an admin account. BUT i dont know how to set-up basic file sharing, how upload and download, and all the basics, ive tried a few solutions, such as freenas but rockstor seems to be a lot more user friendly, and for a beginner, thats what i want.
If anyone could help me with a little guide that would be great
Ultimately i would like a NAS server i can upload and download to from anyway, that is my end goal. I do already have the hardware apart from the drives and RAID card:

  • I5 3470
  • Asus H61M-K Motherboard
  • 8Gb RAM
  • Various drives going from 160Gb to 320Gb, will be buying 3x3TB
  • Will be buying a cheap RAID card
  • Logic server case 2U

Thank you !

Welcome! Did you see these docs?

You don’t need a RAID card with rockstor - it won’t be used. btrfs does the equivalent.


Thank you for your help, are there any video tutorials at all on setting up sftp? also do i need a static public IP ? as i am unable to do this :frowning: my ISP is crap

For SFTP check out
I don’t know about video tutorials.

You want to access your rockstor from the internet directly? I would use a vpn myself. Yes you can do it, use a dynamic dns service to link your changing ip to a hostname. Then use NAT on your ISP router to get the traffic to your internal rockstor ip.

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