Best Way to Notice When a Disk is Failing?

I know there was some discussion awhile back about Rockstor not properly notifying when a disk failed. Has this issue been resolved in the current release?

If I don’t regularly log in to the Web UI, what is the best way to get notified of potential issues with my NAS? Off-the-shelf options include an LCD screen or LED lights to indicate when there is trouble, but my home-built NAS doesn’t have any such feature. I have e-mail notifications configured. Will that do the trick?

I would think that email notifications will do the trick, if you enabled SMART monitoring.

What I’d like to do would be to inject a SMART message that reports a failure so I could test the monitoring system, but I don’t know how to do that.

Agreed. I’ve never had a disk die on my Rockstor box, but I’ve had them die in the past. It would be nice to know with certainty that this feature is working.

Disks can fail without triggering SMART, or without SMART being able to predict the failure in advance. I would like to know whether Rockstor generates a notification of any kind under these circumstances as well.

Meanwhile, if anyone finds a status LED kit, let me know :wink:

I can say I’ve had plenty of spam in the local mail about a SMART error. These will also be forwarded to remote mail if configured. Moreover, if you haven’t already, it would be wise to set up a regular btrfs scrub jobs for each pool, I would say at least once a month. More often doesn’t hurt much as the scrub runs only in idle disk time.

Although this process should trigger SMART errors if present and can repair data with suitable RAID, I don’t think (but don’t take my word for it) a notification is currently sent for something potentially more dangerous, such as a failed scrub.