Big problem with network speed

Hello. I don’t know why my NAS started going to 80 Mb/s but after some time started to go to 4 Mb/s and now is going to 1,07 Mb/s. Is better for me to have a pile with the 4 drives it contains and plug them directly using a bad USB adapter to make them work at this point.

Can someone help me to see where is the bug? What should I check first?

I checked the cables, all are OK and with 8 wires each one. I have 3 switches between them in the same room (I have some printers and things that require that amount of switches) but never had a problem with them, I have the problem when plugged only with one switch in middle too, and short cables.

I’m using Windows 7 now, but the problem happens with Debian 9.6 too.

Thanks for any help. Regards.

Hi @leondante,

Here’s some simple tests you can do on your RockStor server to determine if it’s disk performance:

After that, you’re going to want to do some simple network throughput testing: