Blank WebUI after install

Title. After installing Rockstor for the first time, I get a blank webui after setting up the initial user.

@Gear_Shift Welcome to the Rockstor community.

My initial though on this is that you are running some some kind of noscript plugin in your browser. Rockstor, with it’s Django base, uses a lot of JavaScript to draw it’s user interface.

Could you say what browser and operating system you are running and if you have any script blocking plugins in play.

It may also be relevant what you are running Rocsktor on. I.e. does it meet the our
Minimum system requirements and what is the system drive, ie USB key, if so what model.

Hopefully this information should help forum members help you with the possible cause of this failure.

I’ve tried it on several different browsers and devices, with and without plugins. I’ve tried it on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on an android device, a Windows Server 2016 device, and a Windows 10 device.

I’ve attempted installing it on a regular hard disk, a raid array, and at the moment it’s running on a VM inside of ESXi. All have exhibited the same issue.