Bonding/Teaming 802.3ad


anyone configured bonding or teaming on their Rockstor?

I can use nmtui to create a bond, however teaming looks like it is I am going for. Bond looks like it is up, but no access. cannot even ping.

I did not understand how to configure the teaming in NMTUI, like red hat describes on their home-page.

I had random issues with LACP teaming for a bit. Oddly as soon as I started a tcpdump the interface would go up and down with me stopping and starting it. I ultimately abandoned teaming/bonding because the performance gain was nill.

PS when I say interface goes up and down I mean it started/stopped responding to pings.

So it is safe to say that bonding/teaming is not in place as of today.

Thanks, good to know. I will remove this feature and avait until it is available in the web-interface (it is said to be included.)

Even when it gets to the webui the config on the backend would be the same I suspect. I just know that LACP can be a pain for very little to no gain in a home NAS Setting. My issue may have been my Zyxel switch too, which wouldn’t surprise me to much. If you really want to have that dual nic setup I would prob stay away from LACP and just use balance-rr or balance-xor. Note that those modes are not switch dependent.

I know that I’m making an assumption that you’re trying to use LACP, but that seems to be what most folks run straight for.

and my special moment when I see 802.3ad in the title… guess I can stop guessing that you’re using LACP.