Boot drive changes mount point

Good evening all,

I had a hardware change on my box, and unfortunately that caused me to reinstall Rockstor on my NAS (and after I had everything all set up too!). However, it appears that when installing via USB prepared with the Rockstor 3.8-13 ISO, it causes the SSD that I am using to host the Rockstor OS to change mount points after I remove the USB disk when the installation completes.

In my specific case, my 4x1TB drives are /dev/sd[a-d], the USB stick used for installation is /dev/sde, and the SSD for the OS is /dev/sdf. When I reboot after the installation is complete (and hence remove the USB), I believe the OS drive has it mount point changed from /dev/sdf to /dev/sde, as I get dracut errors stating it ‘cannot find /dev/sdf3’. I am not a Linux guru (though working on it), but is there something I can do or try to correct this issue? Or perhaps give further information?

Thank you!