Brak dostępu do roota (sudo)

Hello, I can’t access sudo, the error answers are below, please help as patience wears off.

user login ok
but commands

Authentication failure

sudo -i
Is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.

bugs in the direct console and by ssh

@Patrick - Hi and welcome to Rockstor

Some questions for you:

What user are you logged in as when accessing the server?
Are you unable to access via console/SSH as root?

EDIT: Sorry, I missed your last line saying it happens in console and SSH. So are you able to log in via SSH using root? That should overcome the sudo problem.

Also, via the webgui system shell (at the bottom of the ‘System’ menu, I am able to log in there as admin and su to root fine. I’m using v4 of Rockstor.