Broken web GUI on the Rockons


I was try to open a support ticket , but the website is down.

In the /home#rockons site I was going to stop the Duplicati docker and its does not happend, after that I swiched off the rockons service and back and I got this error. (I have reboot and shutdown the system couple times too.)

Howewer my all docker app is running just fine and the duplicati is too.

After a couple h try I deleted the duplicati docker with “docker container rm” and the Duplicaty docker is gone but I still getting this webgui error:

log: 20/Mar/2019 15:53:12] ERROR [storageadmin.util:44] Exception: Docker service is -

Any help would be nice

Hi @noorbertt,

Looks like you’re having the same issue as here:

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Yes I found this topics and I belived this is a same but when I tried /opt/rockstor/bin/delete-rockon docker2-canary or ID its nothing happend, always said does not exist and after that I deleted the container with docker container rm command.

This script needs to be used using the Rock-on name, not the container name. In the case of Duplicati, it would thus be: Duplicati2-canary (case-sensitive as well).

A typical output would be:

Rock-On(Duplicati2-canary) metadata in the db is deleted

Hi Flox,
its happened, I got a right output. but the webui is still broken

In this case, you will probably need to manually clear the failed tasks from the database as @magicalyak described in the Github issue that @vesper1978 linked.
@magicalyak, would you be able to share the steps you followed in your issue below?

It’s not for the feint of heart and would definitely risk breaking the system so it can’t be recovered. So I want to caution

  1. I installed pgadmin4 for a GUI to the postgresql
  2. I allowed access by modifying the pg_hba.conf to allow all access
  3. I ran SELECTs and UPDATEs to change the status and remove the rockon in question

It will vary based on your approach but I don’t feel comfortable detailing all the steps because I know someone will just rush to do it and break their system.

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Also it would be safer and easier to remove the rock-ons share, make a new one and do it over again.

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