BTRFS critical (device sda): corrupt leaf

I replaced memory in my Rockstor server. Now, I get an BTRFS error as in the subject line. How can I fix this error?

P.S. I think the “usbhid” error at the bottom of the screen snap is due to having the kbd/mouse on a usb switch.

@fwinograd hello again. While I don’t have a ready answer for you, can you provide a bit more detail on what version of Rockstor (and which btrfs program version)? Are you using the backported kernel option?

In reading in the past, this error seems to occur sometimes when there is a problem with the memory. Considering that this showed up after you replacing it, there might be an issue with it. Did you happen to run a memory test on your new replacement memory?

Again, this won’t fix your issue, I will have to leave that to more experienced forum members to provide some inputs… if you can’t get an answer here, it might be worthwhile posting to the linux-btrfs mailing list.

I did keep a link from some time ago, trying to (and eventually successfully fixing) a similar error message. I am not suggesting to go down that rabbit hole, though, unless you’re very adventurous. There could be an easier fix available for your specific issue: