Btrfs fedora 33

Looks like btrfs is back!! I know leap is where all the work is but if you hit a major wall fedora will be very similar to centos. I’m a bit surprised it’s back to be honest.

@magicalyak Yes, good news all around I reckon. But still not ‘recognised’ by the upstream (funding) parties of RedHat or in RHEL for that matter. Also no boot to snapshot which is a key feature I like in openSUSE, and has been there for quite some time already. Many are assuming they will have this but they do not, and have specifically this will not, initially, be available. Still great news re endorsement of Fedora. And who knows, maybe we will get some folks interested in improving our fedora compatibility as we go along.

We are now coding for openSUSE only so no longer CentOS compatible. We just don’t have the developer resources to track more than a single upstream really. But as stated, if it takes folks fancy then we are Open Source and do accept pull requests :slight_smile: . Plus there are now many sub-variants of fedora so yet more wrinkles. Mean while there is the Jump endeavour to bring the next Leap even closer binary wise to SLES. Another nice element of our ‘Built on openSUSE’ endeavour.

Yes, me too. Good on them for going their own way. I wonder why they didn’t go with Stratis:

Thanks for the post and nice to see you back and active again here and in our GitHub repos.