BTRFS not mounting

As I have mentioned in another thread my BTRFS had a bit of a mishap, when I was in the progress of deleting a disk.

Since then I have finished the install of the system, but still have a problem with BTRFS not mounting. Every third/fourth time I boot the computer, the pool is not accessible, and I get an error like this:

[ 198.154377] BTRFS: Failed to read the system array on sdd
[ 198.160075] BTRFS: open_ctree failed

The error allways occurs on sdd, even if I move disks around and they get assigned new names.

I have tried running a BTRFS scrub a couple of times, but allways end up with the computer hanging at about 2.85TB with a kernel panic error.

I am very concerned about this error.

I have today tried replacing the SATA cable to the sdd disk/sata port, hoping this could be the cause of my problem. The system is now running a scrub again, but it will be 24h before I know if the system freezes again.

Are there any other ways for me to test the BTRFS pool, and perhaps even find out what is wrong?

There seems to be a new development in this error.

The beforementioned scrub is still running, but this time is well past the 2.85TiB. At about 2.9TiB the system warned about the disk in sda failing with a bad sector. But this time the system recovered, made a softreset of the disk and the scrub has continued.

It would seem sda, which is a 1.5TiB SAMSUNG SpinPoint F2 EG, and is the oldest of the drives, is becoming bad. It now has a pending bad sector in its SMART output.

It seems some of my problems could be related to this bad block / disk, I just don’t understand why it would hang the system.

I’ll see how things progress and start looking for a replacement disk.