BTRFS scrub priority

Hi Guys,

Can we possibly implement a BTRFS scrub prioritization interface on the frontend?
I’m currently running an 8 disk RAID 10 - 4x6Tb and 4x4Tb disks, and scrubbing takes quite a while.
During this process, I’ve noticed latency in disk access with Plex etc.

It would be nice to have something like a sliding scale on the scrub status page that we can use to alter the scrub priority. According to the BTRFS wiki, one can cancel a scrub, then resume it with different priorities.

To avoid conusion, a simple priority from 0-8 would be work well, based upon an inverted ionice class / level (avoiding realtime class)

0 - Idle
1 - Best effort, level 7
2 - Best effort, level 6
... etc.

I’m still working on my own dev environment, my desktop machine is a little dead.