Bug: Check of Used-Ports for Rock-Ons should be done for active Rock-Ons only


I have tried to update the plex Rock-On by adding a plex_new.json to /opt/rockstor/rockon-metastore.
Unfortunately, the fact that there are now two Plex Rock-Ons causes this problem:
Rock-on port(32400) is dedicated to another Rock-On(Plex) and cannot be changed. Choose a different name. This happens when trying to install the new Rock-On.

I don’t see the problem here. This check is not needed my view. Instead of checking whether another available (but not neccessarily installed AND active) Rock-On does use this a port already, it should only be checked if an active Rock-On is using (i.e. mapping to the Host) the port of the Rock-On that is currently being installed.

Should I open a Bug on Github?

Another Question: Could you please upload this rock-on to https://github.com/rockstor/rockon-registry ?