Can I add my 2 TB ext4 hdd without wiping data

I’m new to Rockstor and trying to setup my storage.
I already have 2X 2TB hdd formated EXT4 with photos on them.
After I added the storages with either options, “whole disk (none) -active” or “part1 ext4” without the wipe option selected none of the drives show up in the Pools menu but both the drives shows up under Disks menu.
Do I have to wipe to continue? Is there a way to keep my ext4 formatted drives intact and be able to accomplish the rest?
I’m goal is to set them up so any op my family members have access to the photos from their laptops within LAN

Hi mrazz1,

The features and fundamentals of Rockstor rely on the btrfs filesystem, so it’s not possible to use ext4 disks.

Your best bet is to copy your data somewhere else (such as an external drive) first, then let Rockstor format your disks and copy the data back afterwards.


Thanks for your quick response.
So, if I format the drives on the btrfs file system and in the future is it possible for my linux mint 19 to read the drive if I connect using a USB cable?

Mint should be able to mount it. Of course, it depends a little on whether you set up your drives as a RAID. If you do, your “external” drive connection (i.e. via USB) should be a single unit, so that it presents itself as single device. On the same token, you probably want to test it, before you put stuff on the newly formatted drives and see whether it all works the way you envision.

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