Can I have NFS exports bound to a separate NIC?

I’m hosting RockStor in my existing ESXi setup and exposing NFS back to ESXi for using as a datastore. Now I’ve already created a separate internal storage network (separate vswitch using vmkernal network) on ESXi and created a new NIC on the RockStor guest that is bound to that vswitch but I cant seem to figure out if there is a way to ONLY allow mount of the RockStor NFS share on the isolate storage network and not just from the primary what I’ll call the management network where the RockStor web interface listens.

In short, I’d like to understand if its possible to have RockStor be dual homed and only have NFS listed on NIC#2 (isolated storage network) while the web admin GUI and perhaps SSH listen on NIC#1 (management net). Possible?