Can no longer login to Web-UI


I was able to install and setup Rockstor and login to the Web-UI.
When I loged out I am no no longer abel to login to the Web-UI.
I can connect with Puty and login as the root user.
I am new to this and not sure how to fix this issue?



@PMontroy Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

Thanks for bringing this to the forum, from GitHub, as per @Hooverdan’s advice.

One thing that may have happened here could be how you installed Plex, from your GitHub issue (closed as we need reproducers to prove any provided fix) we have:

" and got Plex installed."

If you could detail exactly how you did this, noting if you followed the advice in setting up Rock-ons here:

If one does not use a dedicated share as indicated in the docs and Web-UI for both the rock-ons-root and all the shares required for each Rock-on there can be negative effects on the system itself. We don’t currently block this as it can be usefull for more advanced users. But when starting out it’s very strongly advised to follow the instructions exactly re dedicated shares all-around.

What may have happened is Plex, and likely a goodly number of other Rock-ons: assume their provided shares are all their own. And so they make changes that can, if these shares are not dedicated, disrupt other users (Rock-ons or the system) of those shares.

So as this is a new install, see if you can start-over and reproduce this issue while following the documentation. What you desicribe here is not a known issue, even in our current testing channel, so we really need info on what lead to this situation to track down if this is a documentation/advise issue or if you have uncovered an failure we have not yet found: good in both cases but we must know more to work together on this. I.e. What version you installed, how you installed it, and what you did after the install. We have many flavours and both a stable and testing channel. Likely too many targets really but it provides flexibility and it is where we find ourselves. In time we are to reduce our OS targets but for now we must know if you used a Leap or Tumbleweed install: if you used one of our installers at all etc.

Hope that helps, at least for some context.