Cannot connect to Docker daemon

Hey everyone, new Rockstor user and pretty impressed with it so far. The only issue I have run into is trying to run a docker that doesn’t have a Rock-on plug written for it. I have several Rock-ons running already, so I think docker should be up, but when I try to call it from the command line I get the following error:

Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the Docker daemon running on this host?

I also tried sshing into the IP address for the docker0 network adapter, but my Rockstor user/password don’t work.

Is there something I’m doing incorrectly? Thanks.

Has anyone else run into this? It persists following reboots, also.

Solved the problem, for reference I was using the web console as a standard user rather than logging in as root.

If you want to use the standard user for docker commands you need to add that user to the docker group.
You will find some info on that just searching for docker as normal user on google

Thanks. That makes sense, it’s just not something I had run into on other linux distros. But then, none of the other ones I have used are based on Fedora or Centos.

I’ll add the standard user to the docker group, which makes me much less nervous than running a container as root!